Thursday, 12 July 2012

Then and now (Πριν και τώρα)

For those who know the town well and like to see then-and-now shots of Hania, here is a post showing the area at the northern end of Daskaloyianni Street, which leads to the old port. It once had an arched entrance to it, which is no longer there; it was demolished to open the road to provide vehicular access. Neither are the water mains (the men in the photo are filling pails), but the general area doesn't seem to have changed much since the black and white photo was taken.

The building on the left has the same ground level, but the top floors have been stuccoed to strengthen them. The building on the right is part of the remaining neoria, a series of ship yeards built during the Venetian rule in Hania, completed four centuries ago (before 1600). Hania is a seismic region, but earthquakes don't seem to have affected these buildings.

Τhe photos are approximately a century apart. The white building with the blue shutters is the former customs house (built after the demolition of the gate), where charity and cultural events used to take place. It is due to be renovated this year.

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