Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Greek holiday?

"Rained off", the article began, describing Britons' desire, or more aptly phrased, 'need' to go abroad for a summer holiday this year, due to the devastating climatic conditions that have prevailed in the UK. Despite being a rain-o-phile myself, I would probably not appreciate wintery weather conditions during the summer. But at the moment in Greece, we are not much better off in terms of weather extremes: it's too bloody hot where I am.

The extreme heat that Greece is experiencing at the moment is just one reason why people not planning a holiday here this year (especially those who cancelled or dismissed the idea of a Greek holiday due to the unstable political, economic and social conditions) should feel thankful not to be here right now. Another 10 reasons are listed below:
  1. If you have a garden, you won't need to water it - the rain will be doing a good job on its own (what's more, rainwater comes free of charge - in Greece, we pay for water use by the m3).
  2. You will still be able to enjoy an English cuppa tea - in Greece, you would more likely forsake this habit, preferring ice-cold frappe instead.
  3. You will not need to clean your car - you will find it automatically washed (inside) out for you. 
  4. You can still go jogging to keep fit without worrying about getting sunstroke or dripping with sweat. (Foreigners are often seen adamnatly continuing with their strenuous self-imposed jogging routine when they are on holiday in Greece - only mad dogs and Englishmen...)
  5. If you are a lady, you will not need a pedicure this year (because you will not need to wear sandals or any other kind of 'open' footwear) - you will probably find yourself wearing socks, trainers or gumboots most of the time.
  6. You will not run the risk of finding sand in your clothing (nor will you smell of chlorine if you are the pool- and not the beach type).
  7. You won't need to worry about the outdoor dining area - I find it a nuisance to have to clean up both the kitchen and the balconies (I usually give up and wait till September to do the inside, when the outside 'closes down' for the season). 
  8. You will not need to shower three times a day (as soon as you wake up, in the middle of the day, and in the evening).
  9. You will still be able to cover yourself with sheets and blankets in bed at night - in Crete, you would only be able to do this if you use air-conditioning while you sleep, which is unhealthy and costly (although I must add that we are at an advantage here, as we don't have to change and wash sheets so regularly).
  10. If you really are desperate for a summer holiday, you can still take one close to home: - try Scotland: "Parts of the north of Scotland over the last couple of months have been really, really lovely. There are some pockets of the UK that are really not too bad." 
bbq kalamaki hania chania

Finally, if your home was flooded during the recent downpours, at least you will have been there to clean up the mess. And don't worry about that Greek holiday you cancelled/postponed/dismissed: Greece will be here next year too, most likely in a better position to serve your needs.

But if you decide that you simply need to get away from the dull grey weather conditions in your country, I think you should know that Crete is a safe, cheap and very welcoming place to holiday in, and you will probably regret not coming after all.

OPINION: It's not true what the media writes about fewer tourists coming to Greece this year - Hania is teeming with visitors at the moment: they are still coming, but they are not spending in the same way as they used to. Economic problems are not limited to Greece - most Europeans are finding it difficult to spend as much as they used to.

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