Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cheap 'n' Greek 'n' frugal: Gardener's end-of-season delight ('Ολα του κήπου)

We're in the middle of renovating our house, so most of the time, I am surrounded by sights like this one:

According to my husband, due to the extremely heavy winter we faced last year, the problems in the construction of our 25-year-old house became apparent this year. It rained so much, that the iron-reinforced support beams cracked and the concrete and stucco work had to be redone, now in the summer when it's very dry, so that the rain won't seep intot he house this winter and make the walls mouldier than they already are. But the house won't be painted or redone indoors - until next summer, we will have to be content with a clean exterior while the interior mould stays on the walls, to give the bad weather a chance to for us to see if we actually did re-concrete the exterior adequately.

During times like these, one needs to be able to cook easily and thriftily - renovations are not cheap during this time, when we are being asked to pay a new and/or high tax every month till Christmas...
Like yesterday's meal, today's came straight out of the garden.

The bean stalks produced a ton of snake beans this season. Most of these I shelled, adding some coloured bell peppers, onion, garlic and potatoes, which were all cooked in my rich spicy tomato sauce. The stew took a couple of hours on low heat to cook.

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