Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rewriting the history of the world (Ξαναράφοντας την ιστορία του κόσμου)

Just some food for thought today...

Have you tried googling Jacques Rogge's name recently? The second item in the list of search strings that use his name according to Google is 'jacques rogge olympics coming home'*; from his speech at the 2012 Olympics, we all know where that is, don't we? It's London, or more broadly put, Britain. Other popular search strings people use concerning Jacques Rogge (in the order given) are:
  • jacques rogge speech (1st)
  • jacques rogge olympics games home (3rd)
  • jacques rogge olympics games (4th)
  • jacques rogge olympics return home (5th)
  • jacques rogge olympics opening speech (6th)
  • jacques rogge greece (7th)
  • jacques rogge olympics home (8th)
  • jacques roggespeech london (9th)...
... before we finally get to any interest in the man himself: 'jacques rogge wiki' (10th). Clever rogue, eh?

Tayip Erdogan recently rewrote history in a similar way, about a month ago when he was speaking with the above-mentioned (clever) rogue: Turkish Minister Suat Kilic stated during a press release, in a bid to convince officials of the International Olympic Committee that Turkey should host Olympics in the future, that “Turkey is the birthplace of the Olympic flame and as a result, Mr Erdogan explained to Jacques Rogge that we want the Games back in our country. The IOC has the right to bring the Olympic flame back to its origin.”

And you thought it was in Greece, right? Well, it looks like you are wrong; you can try googling 'erdogan', and see what comes up...

By the way, the English language originated in Turkey, not Russia as was previously thought. That's how the BBC reports it, possibly because they think their readers are too ignorant to understand what Anatolia or the Pontic steppes might mean, which are usually immediately understood by Greeks because they were inhabited by Hellenes and Greek speakers in older times. The word-count of the article possibly did not allow for the addition of extra words like 'modern-day' in collocation with Turkey and Russia, so 'Turkey', not 'Russia' it is.

As we enter the second millenium, we realise how little we know and just how much there is to learn yet... 

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