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To rent
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Seminar food

Just recently, I found myself directly across the road from Syntagma Square for work purposes.

Detached from culture, globalised in nature, the buffet service of a seminar/workshop held in the middle of a capital city rarely reminds us of our present location. It is often devoid of any signs of place.

Tea and coffee served in tall thermos flasks, slices of cold chocolate cake, flaky croissants, shortbread biscuits in assorted shapes and colours: some dipped in chocolate, others rolled in coconut, some with a cherry pressed into their middle - whatever their variation, they all taste the same...

Clear jugs of cherry and orange cordial, ice-cold bottles of water sweating away in an air-conditioned room, stem glasses topped with the hotel's logo and jars full of boiled sweets...

Steaming trays of spaghetti, jugs of bolognaise and carbonara sauce, a platter of something resembling Greek salad with chunks of unripe cucumber and overly firm tomatoes, a bowl of mushy dense potato salad, a tray of meat patties, another of slices of roast pork, and another of roast chicken pieces, with not a meat bone in sight, some pallid roast potatoes on the side, accompanied by an assortment of bread types: white and wholemeal sesame seed buns, again all tasting the same, only their appearance differentiating them, and plenty of fizzy drinks ot wash everything down with...

More tea, more coffee, more water, all sitting next to the prettiest petit four collection: creamy choux balls, fruity tarts and chocolate eclairs, and you'd never guess by their bright colours and different shapes that they too would all taste the same.

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