Friday, 19 October 2012

Doing it like the Greeks

No one wants to spoil their holidays to Greece, especially travel agents on behalf of their customers. Now they too are learning good Greek tricks not to let 'national' strikes stuff up their itineraries. Speaking of which, 30,000 people marched in Athens against the austerity measures - hardly a national strike.

The cruise ship that calls every Friday into the port of Souda in Hania came yesterday instead, on the day of the 'national' strike, in order to avoid any possible problems, in a city that has gained a reputation in recent times for temporary outbreaks of chaos. It was supposed to call into Athens yesterday, but it simply changed the order of the destinations, making up for the lost day in Athens by going there today instead.

Kudos to the cruise organisers for thinking like ordinary Greek citizens during these times. Judging by the figures, Greeks are tired of strikes and always find ways to get their work done and to continue their lives without letting a few petty individuals (who believe they are killing themselves to fight for our rights) stuff things up for them. neither, me nor my husband, nor my kids' school teachers went on strike (the latter told the children that they had bills to pay).

The world is catching up with what is really happening in Greece. One only needs to look at the shambolic state of the EU/IMF/ECB troika, Greece's money lenders, who all agreed that Greece should get nothing if she doesn't conform to certain rules, nor will she be given anything until the troika's report comes out concerning her progress (due next month). Now, they are starting to disagree even among themselves as to what to do with Greece. The carrot-and-stick theory works too slowly for the desired veneer to show through quickly enough; they have now agreed under the table that it's best to always have ready a dish full of food beside a bowl of water, to avoid contagion knocking too close to their own quarters.

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