Sunday, 7 October 2012

MAICh menu, 8-14/10/2012

My workplace is updating its website. A decision has been made to include the weekly menu for our international live-in students. Significance must be placed on food, since we live in a food-centric Greek island, considered the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, with a great variety of local produce. The menu outlined below is for this week, starting tomorrow; the photos show a variety of meals served over the past year (they don't necessarily match the descriptions).

Lunch: Pasta with bolognaise, mushroom, vegetable or tomato sauce, served with aged gruyere
A variety of 6-7 salads
Dinner: Smoked lentil soup
Breaded fillet of catfish with seasonal vegetables
A variety of 2-3 salads


Lunch: Beef or vegetarian souvlaki with seasonal vegetables
Tzatziki and a variety of 5-6 salads
Dinner: Orzo vegetable soup
Chicken with grape syrup and Cretan herbs
Fried potatoes
A variety of 2-3 salads
Lunch: Eggplant imam baldi
A variety of 6-7 salads
Dinner: Orange flavoured bean soup
Braised beef flavoured with orange and thyme, served with home-made pasta
Lunch: Pasta with chicken and/or seasonal vegetables
A variety of 6-7 salads
Dinner: Cream with smoked yellow fava
Beef with basil, sun-dried tomatoes and vegetables

Lunch: Pizza with home-made crust and freshly grated gruyere
A variety of 6-7 salads
Dinner: Vegetable-rice soup
Braised lamb or pork with herbs and thyme honey
Fried potatoes

Lunch: Green beans with fresh Cretan curd cheese
A variety of 3-4 salads
Dinner: Citrus flavoured chickpea (garbanzo) soup
Golden-fried chicken
A variety of 2-3 salads

Dinner: A choice of beef or vegetarian moussaka
A variety of 2-3 salads

maich breakfastA full range of vegetarian breakfast meals is available every morning. Seasonal salads are served with organic extra virgin olive oil and home-made accompaniments: vinegar-honey sauce, orange vinaigrette, honey-mustard vinaigrette, herbed yoghurt, curry ketchup. Only extra-virgin organic olive oil is used in cooking and frying. All meals are accompanied by home-made bread and fruit or a sweet.

You will notice a number of orange-flavoured meals - this is because use of local seasonal (and naturally fresh) produce is being made in the meals. Oranges are plentiful at the moment. Some menu items are standard (eg pasta once a week), while the major changes that occur on a monthly basis usually refer to the seasonality of the items. The chef - Yannis Apostolakis - is well known in the area, and has made a number of appearances on nationwide television cooking shows. We're obviously in good hands.

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