Saturday, 6 October 2012

Λιτλ Σίζερ (Pizza pasta espresso bar)

Despite the economic crisis, a number of new businesses are opening in Hania. The ones that I notice more, maybe due to my interests, are those focussed on food. As we passed a new pizza-pasta-espresso bar (as the store describes itself), my kids, tempted by the aromas, asked me if they could have some pizza here.

I generally keep away from pizzerias because I've never found one that can mae a tasty pizza crust that isn't soggy, or too thick. The thin ones disintegrate too quickly, the thick ones leave you feeling stuffed; sometimes they aren't cooked crispy enough, other times the sauce has made the crust go soggy.

I hadn't ordered any pizza for myself, preferring a cappuccino instead. But when the pizza came to our table - served delectably on square wooden plates - the first thing I noticed was the crust. It looked quite good. Even the children remarked on how good the pizza was. They didn't pin point what they liked about it - the toppings didn't taste any different to when we have a take-out pizza, which isn't very often. I think they must have liked the crust. At one point, they even made a point of insisting that their father should try this pizza, which I think was a good idea, as he is a fussy crust kind of person.

I have to say that the cappuccino was good too, which, in my humble opinion, it generally isn't in Hania (I am a fussy cafe-coffee kind of person). I also studied the bill - €5.60 for the lot. I think that's a pretty good price for a once-in-a-while treat. The cappuccino was also the cheapest I have ever come across anywhere - €1.20 - and what's more, it was very good coffee. 

Dad is hard to rope in for a pizza night out, and I can't blame him when I told him where the pizza bar is located. Apokoronou St is very noisy and dusty; during the day, you can't sit at one of the many cafes in the area without noticing this. I found the pizzeria's phone number on the internet, and found that they do indeed do take-out pizza. They allowed me to order it, but we had to pick it up ourselves, as we were outside their delivery zone. The pizza was still cooking when we arrived to pick it up. 

A good test for take-out pizza is whether the pizza survives intact after being knocked about during the driving process. Usually, it doesn't, but this one passed the test with a very high grade. And the crust was still perfect. 

A look at their advertising leaflet will make you understand why I'm not mentioning the name of the business. I've heard how not-really-very-good that brand of pizza can be in the US, but that's the whole point of not using the name: this pizza looks way better than anything you'll get from them in the US. So why bother ruining their reputation? The one in Hania really does serve very good pizza, even if it goes by the name of the big US chain. NB: the box wrapping is generic (no mention of the little emperor). 

To be honest, I had no idea that there was such a pizza brand as the one using the Roman emperor's name, possibly because I have never had any reason to use thier delivery services. Once the US chain restaurant was pointed out to me by a facebook reader, I was then able to understand why the pizza parlour that delivered the pizzas in Home Alone was called Little Nero's...

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