Monday, 19 November 2012

A rainy day (Μια βροχερή μέρα)

My son wrote today's post and he told me to publish it.

Dad hates it when it rains at the weekend.


He says it should rain during the week when we have better things to do. I'm glad it rains at the weekend because I'd have to help him with whatever he was doing if it wasn't raining.


Because it was raining, we all stayed at home and did various jobs. But even though it's raining, it's still not cold enough to light the wood stove. 


When it rains, you feel like eating more food. It makes you feel warmer.


I made carbonara last night and Mum made spring rolls.

If Cosco starts shipping spring roll wrappers and srichacha sauce through Pireas instead of Rotterdam (along with the Hewlett Packard products), Chinese food supplies just might catch on in Greece as their cost drops (so I won't have to beg my northern friends to carry this stuff for me).


Today it's Monday and it's still raining. Maybe Dad's wish has been granted and the weather will be good at the weekend.

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