Saturday, 17 November 2012

Above all equals

Last night, I was feeling very tired, from what turned out to be a very busy week, not just at work, but also at home, and when I saw how untidy the house was, I realised I was going to have a busy weekend too, so I just flopped onto the couch and tried not to think too much about it all, because admittedly it made me even more tired.

But the cold weather also made me hungry, and I could have just dipped my hand into the cheese bowl, and dipped my other hand into the bowl of olives and and cut myself a slice of bread and called that dinner, but I really couldn't stand having another meal like that because that's what I'd been having most other nights that week.

So even though I felt like a dead weight, I took out my heavy shallow saucepan and chopped an onion and minced some garlic, and poured over some olive oil which was difficult enough when you're cold, tired and hungry, and tossed it all into the saucepan, and because I was too tired to consult a recipe, I just started tossing into the pan whatever lay before me - some cabbage which I'd shredded in preparation for a salad that was never made, some spinach and leeks that I'd prepared for making spanakopita, but that never got made either, and the very very last of the summer garden peppers, and why not grate a carrot to go into that, I thought, which is what I did, and then I remembered that there was no protein in it the pot, so I threw in a few frozen mussels, which did the trick.

Despite that drained feeling, I hadn't lost my senses completely so as not to remember that a good Chinese stir-fry needs some soya sauce, and some finely grated ginger, and a chilli pepper or two, all good fridge/freezer staples, and a few rice noodles which you can add to the hot vegetable medley and let them soak up all the juices as they cook in the hot pan with the hot vegetables, which is especially useful to avoid having to use another pan and create more work in the kitchen.

And when it was all ready, I poured the contents of the pot into a huge bowl and found some chopsticks and began eating, making my way into the living room, where everyone else was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then everyone began asking me if they could have some of that aromatic meal I was enjoying, and so I passed around the bowl, and we all ate from it, and we just kept passing it around so we all ate an equal share, but because I was worried that this splendid meal was being consumed at record speed, I demanded that I get the most share, because even though we were supposed to be sharing this meal equally among equals, I considered myself as above all equals, because I was the cook, and I dreaded the thought of remaining hungry, because if my stomach remained empty, I wouldn't be able to fathom the tiredness and the cold.

If I weren't feeling so cold, tired and hungry, there'd have been a photo to prove that this meal took place, so you'll just have to take my word for it. In the meantime, καλή νύχτα...

Bonus photo: here's is the above-described meal, cooked up again today. It's being prepared early to make spring rolls tonight.

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