Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Congratulations (Mπράβο)

This post is dedicated to my former students at MAICh. Photos from the 2010-2011 intake.

When I came into work yesterday, I was confronted with an onslaught of 'congratulations', whose origins I didn't understand. It was later revealed to me that the results of the student evaluations of the institute had been published. Former students of the institute were recently asked to provide feedback (anonymously) to the institute about its operation and the educational program. Here's what former students had to say about my contribution:

Do you find the English language support adequate?
Not at all 7%
Inadequate 2%
OK 15%
Adequate 48%
Highly adequate 28% (total 91%)
How satisfied were you with English language teaching in MAICh?
Not at all 9%
Inadequate 5%
OK 18%
Adequate 44%
Highly adequate 24% (total 86%)

Would you like the Engish language courses to continue in the second year?Not at all 6%
No 14%
Don't care 24%
Yes 22%
Very much 34% (total 80%)

It should be noted that I am one of the teachers that students see for most of the year, unlike the professors of other courses, who they see at the most for two weeks during intensive courses. So my relationship with the students may be influenced by this fact (they get to know me better). I've been working at the same job for almost 18 years now, which is a long time to be at one place, but the nature of the job has changed over time. For the first 12 years, I was working up to 10 hours per week; I have been a full-time employee here for only the last three years.

This is something to be proud of because it's not everyday you receive praise in Greece from doing your job well.

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