Monday, 12 November 2012

Greece in crisis

You will rarely see me in one of those trnedy-looking cafes that we see throughout Greece, where many beautiful people sit, often outdoors, enjoying the generally good/mild weather of our beautiful country. That's because it is generally too expensive to do this.

I can, of course, go out occassionally, without my children, and have a drink/coffee with a freind, but I don't do this much at all. In fact, I'd say that there has to be a very very very special reason for me to do this, and last week, I did in fact do this, and there was indeed a very very special reason for me to do this. And even though the coffee I had cost 66% of the cost of the coffee at this place (€3), I still felt that even that €3 amount felt like too much for my own household income level - it's just too much for a cup of coffee that we all know we can make for a lot (and I mean a heck of a lot) less in our home.

Thanks to Kostas for supplying me with the photo - it is virtually impossible for me to get my hands on such receipts, for the reasons stated above.It makes no difference where this receipt was issued - Athens, Crete, somewhere else; in a Greece of crisis, it mocks the whole show.

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