Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Mule and the Donkey (Το Μουλάρι και το Γαϊδουράκι)

How would Aesop write his tales if he were alive today?


And now, for the latest news, and we start with the top story for the day, as it has been for a number of weeks now, which is the Eurozone crisis. In today’s talks, it seems as though the rift between the Donkey and the Mule is increasing and a compromise is still elusive. The Mule Driver is reported to have loaded the Mule with the same weight as the Donkey – but one could not quite keep up with the other. 

“They kept pace in the beginning,” explains the Mule Driver, “but as we left the level road and began climbing up a mountain, the Donkey showed signs of being unable to manage its load, and it now remains to be seen whether it will be able to cope.”

When asked whether the Donkey’s load was lightened, the Mule Driver did not respond. But reports are coming in stating that the laden Donkey had been seen sinking to its knees, and it is assumed that this has probably happened from being unable to carry the weight assigned to it.

No reports have come in stating that the Donkey got up, and since then, there have been no sightings of it, although it has been rumoured that the Donkey could be heard asking the Mule to take a little of its load, but this has been denied by the Mule, who does not wish to be interviewed.

The Mule Driver reportedly stated that work was underway for the Mule to be loaded with the Donkey’s burden, in addition to its own, but the task has not been completed and talks are set to continue tomorrow, although
no deadline has been finalised for this task.

An anonymous source is reported to have heard the Mule saying that it is getting what it deserved:
“If I had agreed to lighten the Donkey’s load a little when he asked me, I wouldn’t have to be in the position now of having to carry both loads on my own poor back.”

Analysts are now saying that this points to evidence of failed policies. “The Mule is refusing to let the Donkey breathe more lightly, now that the need arises, but this is backfiring onto the Mule, as it looks as though he may end up losing everything he lent to the Donkey.”

Moving on to the second main story for the day… 

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