Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tranche time for Greece

- δημόσιοι υπάλληλοι: public servants
- δημοτικοί υπάλληλοι: municipal workers

The number of workers paid by the Greek state has to be reduced, according to the terms of the Greek bailout. This had been agreed on when the crisis first broke out, but it was never acted on (in fact, more people continued to be hired even in those early crisis days).

Now that it's a done deal, the Greek state is being forced to take action. But what does the state do? Instead of reducing the public sector, it decided to throw the ball over to the municipal sector, asking the mayors of each region to send it lists of the staff that wasn't hired through proper channels, or has only basic education qualifications (ie school leaver's certificate).

Hence, strike action being taken by municipal workers...

The municipality offices of Hania today - ΚΑΤΑΛΗΨΗ: 'under siege' - otherwise known as 'sit-in'

... hence, no rubbish collection.

The whole nation's rubbish bins are spilling their contents on the road.

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