Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter (Χειμώνας)

It's not really very very cold in Hania; there's still a lot of sunlight during the day. But the mornings are getting darker, and the early onset of evening means less daylight, therefore less sunlight. Time to turn on the wood-fired heater, which we lit for the first time last night for this coming winter season.

My bright-colured bold-patterned knitting adds a bit of brightness to the long dark evenings.

And so does our food, as usual.

Two ways with black-eyed beans: make it into a soupy stew one day, and then serve it the next day slightly strained with tacos, guacomole, home-made pepper sauce and cheese. Instead of roasting lamb or chicken with fresh okra, I used some home-made bifteki (meat patties).

Now we can truly wish each other ΄Καλό χειμώνα'.

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