Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Boat (Βαρκούλα)

Happy New Year to all, as it becomes Greece's turn to welcome the New Year!

But we all know it's not gonna be an easy one! Even Angela Markel recently admitted this; for even her name to be heard these days in Greece, it means it's serious.

2013 is a new year, but it won't be much different to 2012 for most Greeks. Even though a lot of the state cheating has stopped and Greece expects 1 million more tourist advance bookings this year compared to 2012, that won't solve our problems if Greeks don't start learning to pay their taxes. I don't expect too much to change about Greece; it's the Greeks that must change before the country does. But at least we all know now that the rest of the world is in the same boat. The sea is choppy everywhere, so the boat is bound to rock. The risk of it sinking is greater if we rock it ourselves.

Talking of boats, I have a fascination with them. They are the Christmas symbol of Greece where the Christmas period lasts until Epiphany. In the past, a boat was decorated in homes instead of a tree. This tradition continues all over Greece in the main squares of towns. It's not hard to understand their importance at this wintery time of year, as the sea is not always calm. Here are my best boat shots, all taken with one click on my pocket camera.

All photos were taken some time in the last three months in Souda harbour.

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