Monday, 10 December 2012

Interlude (Διάλειμμα)

This post has been written in response to a comment I received recently on another post.

As this is a personal blog which gives my own unguided point of view of things as they happen and as I experience them in a very modern and rapidly changing Greece, readers should bear in mind that I am simply stating my way of seeing things, even if it may sound quite misguided to others; in other words, I am trying to find some logic amidst the mess that Greeks find themselves in at the moment. I get my ideas about what to write from my daily life, the things I hear about, and any reading material that comes by my way.

It helps to remember that nearly all the people I am surrounded by (family, friends and colleagues) see Greece as the only place in the world that they will ever live in because they have known no other home and are not at a stage or a state in their life where migration is an option for them (most have never put it into their mind). We're in Greece for good, whether she's better or worse, richer or poorer, sick or healthy. I am not a political analyst, nor am I an economist; I'm a Greek blogger, which is kind of like coca-cola: it goes with everything these days.

Life in Greece at the moment is money-poor and resource-rich. I predict this will change in the near future: five years from now, Greece will not be so money-poor, and her resources will be quite different to the ones now relied on. (The vegetables were all picked on Saturday morning.)

I have never advertised my facebook page or my blog and I have never paid for 'likes'. I know that more people come into my facebook page than the number that have actually 'liked' it, and I physically know very few of my regular blog readers. I will not profer reasons for this, suffice it to say that these are public pages. If people are interested in what they read here, they will come back for more. If they find something they don't like and decide to fly off the handle about it, I will not be surprised: in fact I will expect it from my compatriots - as another (Greek) reader recently noted: "Greeks are notoriously passionate, and the majority of the public think with their hearts first, not their minds." I am very fortunate to live in a country where freedom of expression has not been censored: what happened to Shaheen Dhada and Renu Srinivasan will never happen to me because I live in Greece, an imperfect country which strives towards democracy.

Through blogging, I've made and physically met many good friends; I've also managed to see places in the world that I would not have been to (both in Greece and abroad) had I not been blogging. I like to share these experiences with others, that's all; I'm not here to sell anything, and I’m not asking anyone to agree with my opinions – I’m just posting mental notes to myself which may help my own children understand how their parents saw things ‘back then’ and why they were raised the way they were. Life isn’t that random, after all, and I urge all conscious parents to do this in some way.  

Regular blogging is scheduled to resume tomorrow.
PS: it's all organically cooked as long as we pick it from our own garden.

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