Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lazy pie (Tεμπελόπιτα)

The zucchini is now starting to become rather watery if it isn't used up quickly. A quick and easy way to use it up quickly before it turns bad is to grate it and put it into a pie. I've already blogged about the history of this easy-to-make pie before, so here's the quick version of a smaller edition of the pie, which I made last night.

Mix together 500g grated zucchini (or marrow), 2 beaten eggs, 200g mizithra (or crumbled feta cheese), 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup olive oil, some cornmeal (enough to thicken the batter without turning it into a dough), salt and pepper. Pour the mixture up to 1cm into a medium-sized baking tin (or pyrex dish). Bake in a moderate oven for about 45-60 minutes, until golden.

There are many other versions of zimaropita, which means 'dough pie'; it also happens to be called 'lazy pie' (τεμπελόπιτα), because it's so easy to make, and 'naked pie' because it is self-crusting and doesn't need any pastry. You can use tomato instead of zucchini, and you can even turn it into a sweet chocolate pie. It depends on what you have in your kitchen, eggs, cheese and cornmeal forming the base of the pie.

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