Friday, 7 December 2012

Uncle's treat

While visiting an uncle at the local village cafe-taverna last night...

- Χρόνια Πολλά, θείο Νίκο!
- Well, aren't you going to sit down, then? It's my treat.
- I've just come home from work. We really need to get back home, and...
- Well, you need to rest then. Sit down.
- OK, just for a few minutes.
- So what am I going to treat you? Souvlaki, steak?
- We've just popped in to say hello, uncle!
- OK, just a souvlaki then. What about you, kids? You'd like a souvlaki, wouldn't you?
- Um, no.
- OK, and what will you have to drink?
- Um, nothing.
- Just water.
- Water with the souvlaki? OK then. Hey, Ilias, two souvlaki for the kids.
- We didn't say anything.
- What did you say you were having to drink?
- Just water, thank you.
- And one coca-cola, Ilias.
- Can I please have a gazoza instead?
- Who, you? OK, who wants the coca-cola then?
- I'll have it!
- And one gazoza, Ilias, and get those souvlaki going! What are you going to have Maria?
- Oh, I'll just have some fries, then.
- Don't you want any sausages with that?
- No, not really.
- Ok then, two sausages, Ilias, got that? What's your husband having?
- I'll be fine with a nip of tsikoudia, thanks, uncle.
- A pork steak then. Ilias, make that two!

The photos are from a previous similar occasion at the same venue, but the story is always the same. A visit to these people inevitably means a treat.

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