Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Εργαζόμενος (Employed person)

εργαζόμενος: a person who is employed

My daughter came home form school on Monday and told me excitedly that there would no school on Wednesday, ie today, because it is the feast of the Three Hierarchs, regarded by the Greek Orthodox Church as the greatest teachers. According to the Greek state, this accords the status of a school holiday. Hence, all people working in the educational field get a day off work today.

She then asked me if I could take her to MAICh with me, but I told her that I would also be on holiday that day because MAICh is a Greek educational institute, which my daughter hadn't realised.

"But the headmaster said that it isn't a holiday for εργαζόμενοι," she said.

"Next time he says that, ask your headmaster if he is an εργαζόμενος," I replied.

Where's the spinach?
Ah, there's the spinach!

The way the headmaster explained the holidays to the children (and not the holiday itself) is just another side to the Greece of two speeds.

This mid-week break was a good day for weeding the garden. After torrential downpours from the night before, the weeds were like putty in my hands.

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