Saturday, 5 January 2013


Christmastime is for the children, we say in Greece.

the tall tree screams Christmas
the twinkling lights attract eyes
the bright colours punch faces
the music drowns the voices

the children soften hearts
the laughter is contagious
the congestion magnetises
the rain falls unnoticed

the cold becomes hot
the popcorn fills your mouth
the candy floss melts the salt
santa's beard is drooping

pocahonta's watching
tweety's there too
the china lady smiles
the gypsies beckon

and time stands still
in tinseltown

Today is the last day of Christmas according to the Greek Orthodox calendar. It's traditional to take down your Christmas tree tomorrow, and after that, it's ο κάθε κατεργάρης στον μπάγκο του και τα κεφάλια μέσα. My annual leave has almost ended, which means it's time to plug the LED clock back into the socket, to wake up early in the cold and dark, and to get to bed early enough so as not to end up sleeping in in the morning. Three more months of cold weather to go - patience till springtime...

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