Taxi service

Taxi service
Dimitris' taxi is available for all your holiday needs. If you're coming to Hania and you need a taxi, we would like to drive you around. More info: drop me a line at: mverivaki hotmail com

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Early spring

Oour blessed early spring carries with it sinister overtones of an early summer. When it is as warm as it is now, the wild-growing horta in the garden grow too quickly to be harvested over the season, thrusting forth their blossoms, a sign that they have lost their tenderness and fine flavour. 

The colours of spring are a display of rebirth, as grasses bloom and spread their seed for the following growing season. But spring also hides a short period of poorer times ahead, the insecurity of watching the winter's supplies run out as we wait for the summer season's harvests to come through. 

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