Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fresh imported beef mince

The picture below shows perfectly how little Greeks understand or care for the horsemeat scandal:

 "Fresh BEEF MINCE imported breast meat"
"Fresh BEEF MINCE imported breast meat" is on special at the super-duper price of €6.49, reduced from €7.98. As a standard of measure, Greek beef (which is invariably almost always born in France, and begins its Greek life, until the time of slaughter, at the age of 5 months) is sold at prices starting from €10+/kg.

While the rest of Europe is avoiding pre-minced meat products and the horsemeat scandal has become the main topic of discussion among the EU agriculture ministers, as well as the fact that horse-beef products have been confirmed to have been sold in Greece, top-end supermarkets like this one are selling it cheaply - and from what I saw this afternoon, people are buying it, as if the horsemeat scandal could never affect us, nor that we should be worrying about it. After all, it's a European problem, isn't it? And we are what we eat, which is... Greek. 

More on Europe in a later post. 

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