Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Picture perfect

When the scenery looks picture perfect,

and spring feels so close,

when I know I still have the freedom to walk past a field and pick the wild grasses that grow there,

when I cook meals you can never even dream of buying because they simply do not exist on the market,

I almost feel like I'm a tax evader, because I am avoiding some life's realities. In a sense, I AM a tax evader - I'm not using an electric oven, I'm not using liquid fuel, I'm not even buying half the food I use to cook with. So in a way, I am avoiding paying a lot of taxes, all in an above board and legal way, of course.

Most people will say I'm lucky to live where I live and to have such fresh produce available so cheaply to me and to know how to cook so well. Only I know how little to do with luck, and how much to do with hard work it all is, and how many compromises and sacrifices I have had to make.

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