Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Love cookies (Κουλουράκια της αγάπης)

On the eve of the feast day of the Forty Saints, Άγιοι Σαράντα (Ayii Saranta) as they are known in Greek, the parish of the Forty Saints church in Nerokourou held a celebratory mass. The 9th of March is dedicated to the forty martyrs of Sebasteia who died in battle for their love of Christ.

At the end of the service, apart from the regular sweet offerings, a basket of love cookies was being handed out to the congregation. The cookies were made the children attending Sunday School in the area.

"Please take one!" the little girl said. "It has the recipe my mother wrote!" 
The icons came with a cookie, the recipe and a matchstick with cotton dipped in oil from a candle.

Not being a church goer, I missed out on gettingmy share, but my friend managed to get one, which came along with the recipe. Love cookies are made with ingredients not commonly found in the supermarket.

You need:
3 water glasses of peaceful conscience (when the sea is calm, we say it looks like olive oil)
2 water glasses of honest heart (like the purity of sweet sugar)
1 wine glass of laughter (which you can find in the form of tsikoudia, the Cretan firewater)
1 wine glass of good will (which you have in the juice of freshly squeezed orange)
1 water glass of love (in the smell of toasted sesame seed)
1 sachet of bubbly joy (a sachet of baking powder will do)
1 teaspoon of insistence (baking soda will be fine)
1 teaspoon of inspiration (ammonia can be used, although I usually don't add this, as I find my inspiration in other ways)
communication and a happy countenance as you embark on the task (try some ground cinnamon and cloves)
as much work as is needed (keep adding flour till you can knead the dough easily)

To make the love cookies:
Pour the peaceful conscience of your inner world into a bowl, together with your honest heart. Work very hard at it constantly and add the love, some communication and your happy countenance. Our mixture takes on a ruddy cheek colour. To this we add the joy and laughter. We must be careful here, because sulkiness might spoil our mixture! Then we add the hard work. We mould our cookies onto the tray of our soul, we warm up the oven with our good will, and bake the cookies at 170 degrees Celsius of patience for 30 minutes. 

Whoever eats these cookies ascertains that the main charcateristic of their taste is the tranquility of the soul! 

The preparation time is as long as life itself. And there is no caloric value.  

Thanks to Eirini for the photos.

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