Saturday, 2 March 2013

Marble cake (Κέικ μαρμπρέ)

Life these days is always busy. The weather has been too good to keep us indoors, so we're often running errands, getting chores completed and trying to tackle the garden which is now full of weeds, save the spinach plants.

Here's the chocolate version of the old-fashioned Greek keik.

Use the same recipe in the link. Instead of pouring all the batter into the tin, pour just half of it. Then beat in 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder to the remaining mixture in the bowl. Now pour the chocolate batter over the yellow batter, scraping off the batter in the bowl with a spatula. Cook the keik in the same way as the recipe states.

One other version that I also like to make is the same as the above marble cake, with the addition of dark chocolate chips in the batter before dividing it in half. I like this version of the old-fashioned bundt cake because of the jaffa taste of the chocolate and orange mixture. Any way you make it, it is a sure winner because of its plainness.

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