Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring (Άνοιξη)

With spring...

... come the first strawberries.
Photos taken this morning.

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  1. How I long for Spring, too! Ripe, red strawberries are so beautiful. Are they from your garden, Maria?
    Here it is snowing. Big, soft flakes falling outside the window and tiny birds at the birdfeeder. Maybe the sun will appear later. But....I must be grateful for the snow. It has not snowed enough here this Winter to help the drought.

    1. snow sounds rather cold - spring has come early for us this year
      the strawberries were from the supermarket - we dont have nay planted in our garden, but i am well supplied by relatives' farms (but i notice that they arent up yet - these ones have been grown in a greenhouse)

  2. I noticed the strawberries in the supermarket today too. Can't ever have enough!