Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bad hair day

Just a quickie before I start thinking about the horrible day I'm bound to have tomorrow, after the sultry weather, high southerly winds, air as thick as dust, car covered in red rain, sneezing my head off allergically, hair looking like Marie Osmond's (in the 80s), mid-20s temperatures (degrees Celsius) while the indoor temperature still feels like winter because the cement and brickwork haven't yet warmed up, feeling listless and bothered (though I don't know by whom), making the preparation of a meal out of the question, it doesn't help that I lost three hours of hard work this morning due to Linux-Windows incompatibility, and I know it's going to be a horrible day like yesterday because the day before was just as bad as yesterday, and I know I won't get the work done that I was supposed to have started on Monday and still haven't done anything about (it got screwed in cyberland, anyway), and this bad stuff is bound to come in threes, so I even bought a LIDL lasagne to 'cook' tomorrow (it said 'pork' on the packet - I thought lasagne was made with 'beef'), so wish me luck, because if you ask me if it could get worse, I'd say yes, because I haven't been fired yet, but at least I own hair tongs, so I won't have to go out looking like a shaggy dog that has just had its hair blow-dried after a shampoo and set.

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