Tuesday, 23 April 2013


It's kind of like spring cleaning time in my house at the moment - I had anticipated this to happen throughout the year, as we talked about it in winter (a very short and not so cold one), so I didn't do any dusting at all in the house. I knew it would become a bombsite in just one hour.

The best time get rid of mouldy walls is spring. Once you renovate them, they can be given time to dry out over the summer, before being painted. The stucco has to come down, which means a good deal of dust being created.

It's not much fun living in the house while it's being renovated, but most Greeks don't have much choice about this. It's also the cheaper way to get the job done. You usually ask a friend to help you knock the stucco off your walls, you clear the mess up yourself, and you also help in putting the concrete back up.

It's a nightmare working in a kitchen like this, but I'm grateful that at least we will have a clean (but unpainted) kitchen in time for Easter.

Cooking continues: a made a spanakopita last night. The worst part was trying to work out where the least dusty site in the kitchen was. This scene is tiring me out. I'm already waiting for the weekend. And perhaps an outdoor, al fresco kitchen to avoid messing up the only kitchen we have.

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