Thursday, 11 April 2013

Scary food

One of the most popular posts in my blog is all about natural colours and flavours for icing cakes. I don't ice cakes very often - it's just too much extra sugar and fat. The actual post was based on an experiment I did in my kitchen using olive oil and icing sugar.
icing in natural flavours and colours

Last weekend, during the very strong windstorm when outdoor jobs and activities were put on hold, my daughter wanted to do something creative in the kitchen, using ideas from the annuals I buy her at Christmas. Using artifically coloured icing packets given to us by a friend, she turned my chocolate zucchini muffins into animal cupcakes.

I wondered if the kids would eat actually eat these cupcakes. After decorating them and taking the photos, they asked me what they should do with the cupcakes. I told them they could eat them.

"With that stuff on the top?" they asked. "Never! It looks like a painting!" I couldn't blame them for reacting in this way. I wouldn't eat that stuff on the top either. I later saw them peeling off the icing and eating just the cake. It just looks so unnatural.

I don't think it has to do solely with the health aspect that made them think twice about eating the icing. They've never actually seen this kind of icing, as it's completely unknown here (you can't buy it in Cretan supermarkets). Call it a case of the fear of the unknown.

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