Thursday, 2 May 2013

Food as bait

A friend of mine asked me recently:
Why do Χρυσή Aυγή members write Greek so badly? Are there many in Crete too? We have similar anti-immigrant parties in my country too, but it seems like Χρυσή Aυγή is much worse.
I wrote to my friend explaining that χρυσαυγίτες are generally not very highly educated (they are more highly ejaculated) because they have not needed to carry on their theoretical education - they have chosen to be take part in practical exercises involving their hand power, not their brain power. They have always been good bullies and have found a way to exercise their mighty punch amidst the crisis. And no, we don't have many of them here in Crete, because we have a large immigrant population (let's just say we have more sense down here - and we kind of need them to do the jobs we don't wanna do ourselves, so it wouldn't suit us to throw immigrants out of the island, would it?).

Yesterday, for example, when Χρυσή Aυγή tried to distribute food to 'only Greeks' outside Syntagma Square, and they were stopped by the mayor of Athens, one of those heavy-handed  χρυσαυγίτες tried to punch the mayor (after first trying to draw his gun from his pocket) - but the monstrous geyser missed and he hit a 12-year-old girl instead. The free food, tainted with the fear of a bully, was not distributed in the end, and the monsters had to take it back in the truck they had hired to bring it there; it was taken to their office headquarters instead to be distributed from there (it was 33 degrees Celsius yesterday - would you wanna eat eggs, milk, meat, cheese that had been exposed to the Athens centre in that heat?). Accepting food from wankers like these ones is akin to eating blood strawberries.

Χρυσή Aυγή is only to be feared if you want to fear them. In essence it is people's fault for allowing them to get into the headlines so much; in places which have suffered very much decline (Northern Greek urban areas, Athens), Χρυσή Aυγή  finds support by duping people into believeing that foreigners etc are the reason for their misery.

For those of you who might wonder how connected I am to these wankers in our society, I list here a few examples of people I know who support Χρυσή Aυγή (but of course, they don't rush to accept food from them because this isn't done in Crete, and there are many resources available for people in need - remember, we don't have hunger and starvation here, but there are people who need assistance to make ends meet):
- a taxi driver who works evening shifts saw Moroccans attacking a Greek (well, it was evening, the Greek man was disabled, he looked as though he was wandering around aimlessly, he was an easy target for anyone in the wee hours, it's not as though this sort of thing won't happen to anyone if you don't take precautions)
- the father of the disabled man who was attacked (he is just jumping on the bandwagon - he wants to find a reason for his son's attack, and can't bring himself to accept that he should have taken more care of him in the first place)
- a teenager who has interpreted Χρυσή Aυγή as a party that wants to 'help' regain jobs for Greek people (that child is an obvious case of brainwashing, especially when his parents' fields need tending by foreigners - his parents won't be getting him to pick their olives or clear the fields of weeds with chemical sprays that give you cancer, nor do they wish for their child to be a kitchen hand in a restaurant cleaning dishes. Thankfully, his parents made it clear that that don't support Χρυσή Aυγή, so I'm pretty sure that this teenager will grow up more sensibly). 

These three ordinary folks are clear cases of under-educated people trying to believe that foreigners are to blame for their problems.

I can't remember where I saw this pasted, but it's a nice way to show my point of view:

It reads:
"Residents of every village and city, don't be fooled by the so-called 'action of solidarity' of the Bullies' Party. 
By distributing food in a quantity that will last for a day in the local squares, with the aim of publicity and self-promotion, they are trying to break out of a cave which was incarcerating the atrocious nature of their ideas and actions.
It is the only way for them to temporarily expose themselves and to then ask for a 'vote of confidence' from those who accepted the food through the well-known method of being bullied. 
Greek citizen, think before you take those gifts because they are essentially just bait for you to get caught in their trap. 
That's how the Germans believed Hitler in the 1930s which caused not just their country to be bathed in blood, but the rest of the planet."

On a more positive note, we can see a re-birth of Greece taking shape here. With our downs, there are also ups. As taboos are broken, we fear less. Holy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper taken with the betrayer of Christ. I take heart that yesterday's supper of betrayal at Syntagma Square did not take place.

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