Thursday, 16 May 2013

Greek colours: Landscape (Παιδικές κρεβατοκάμερες)

After we strengthened the house last year, which involved breaking rotten concrete and stucco, replastering and building up new ones, the interior of the house became a dustbomb, which I felt could only be cleaned if we moved every single piece of furniture out of each room and dusted everything.

I also knew that we would get round to painting the interior nine months after we finished the exterior so for the last year, I never attempted to dust or clean anything, remembering the word of Quentin Crisp (in The Naked Civil Servant), who admitted that he never attempted to clean his home: "The dust doesn't get any worse after three years," he observed.

That was then...

... and this is now.

Mediterranee (above), with colours reminiscent of our own environment,
 and Garden Dreamland (below), with nature-inspired colours 

The house is a bit of a mess at the moment. The painting job is very piecemeal, as we wait for one room to dry before moving furniture in and out of the next room to be painted. But it's taking on a cleaner look every day, and I am imagining what other things I can change or alter, and how I can make use of some old fabrics for new curtains. Summer will be a busy one for my sewing machine.

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