Saturday, 22 June 2013

Summer (Καλοκαίρι)

Stormy weather is beating down all over the world. Central Europe was under water at the beginning of this month, India is counting her dead after the early monsoons, Canada is evacuating resident in the flooded Calgary, and New Zealand saw the biggest storm in Wellington since the Wahine disaster (my mum told me stories about that storm, as I was too young to remember it). My NZ aunt just informed me that her green house has just become an open-air one - it lost its corrugated iron roof. Κουράγιο to all those affected.

Despite living in a country with a high fire risk and seismic activity, in Greece, we have many problems now, but nature doesn't usually cause ours:
When you watch the news abroad you get the impression that a revolution could break out at any minute,” Delpy said when asked about that scene. “But when you come to Greece you see that it is all happening in one small part of Athens. We know that the crisis is real and that people are suffering, but this is not a country on the brink of collapse.”
While I'm enjoying the predictably pleasant calm weather, here I am, in the Middle-Earth, cooking imam bayildi with my freshly picked tomatos, peppers and eggplant. No matter what problems we have here, we still cook!

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