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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis: TV dinners

During the 2nd Symposium of Greek Gastronomy, taking place 20-21 July 2013 in Amari, Rethminon, CreteI will speak about the relationship between "Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis". For the next few days, I'll give you some ideas as to what my contribution may contain.

Photo: and my contribution will be: 
Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis:  a Greek Identity Crisis
If all these cooking shows were all playing at the same time on different channels, and you had only one television and no recording facilities, which one would you watch if you felt like watching a TV food show?

* Something that shows how to cook something unusual, not common or creative, eg melitzanopita
* Something that shows how to cook within the spectrum of international cuisine, eg globally well known sweets made by a famous Greek dessert chef 
* Something using a particular brand-name food product, eg mass-produced cheese spread in a pizza
* Something showcasing frugal food, eg a supermarket-sponsored food show featuring easy-to-make meals that don't cost much
* Something showing traditional Greek regional dishes, eg the kind that home cooks in rural regions make, which don't often make it into the cookbooks

If you feel so inclined, feel free to answer as a comment, or on my facebook page.)

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