Friday, 19 July 2013

Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis: Urban and rural cuisine

During the 2nd Symposium of Greek Gastronomy, taking place 20-21 July 2013 in Amari, Rethminon, CreteI will speak about the relationship between "Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis". For the next few days, I'll give you some ideas as to what my contribution may contain.

Photo: and my contribution will be: 
Greek Cuisine, Greek Identity and the Economic Crisis:  a Greek Identity Crisis

A few years ago, I used to work with a woman who was born in Athens and came to live in Crete when she married a Cretan. Her husband likes to go fishing, and she told me that she learnt to eat fish here in Crete due to her husband's hobby. "But I'm not a fussy person," she went on to say. "I always ate everything. But in Athens, there are some things that we simply don't eat, whereas in Crete, everyone seems to eat them. Like snails. I still don't eat them. And broad beans in their pod for that matter. And thorny artichokes. I don't eat those either."

How much of an omnivore are you? 

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