Friday, 5 July 2013

Melon drink (Χυμός πεπονιού)

Every day when I come back home from work, I know someone has been doing things in my kitchen, because my mise en place is disturbed. For example, a kitchen tool that I don't often use is sitting on the coutertop, or an opened box of cream that I was thinking about how to use suddenly disappears.

I know what is happening: I used to do it too when I was young. My 11-year-old daughter admitted that she has been experimenting in the kitchen, as I recently found out when I suddenly came home early, when a very desirable surprise awaited me in the refrigerator:

It wasn't so much how she made it, as where how she thought up the idea to make this juice. She likes to prepare food and drinks, and there is a plethora of fresh ingredients in our house that she may get her inspiration from. She told me she uses youtube videos, so I asked her to send me a link through the email to the recipe she used to make her creations: 
Hi mum. To find the recepy that I make the melon juice , you have to go to YouTube and write Rosanna Pansino  and you have to see the video called "star wars lightsaber popsicles .
Not only is her food preparation up to par, but isn't her level of written English pretty good?!

I loved the melon juice she prepared, but I could tell that she had sweetened it. She said that she used a much more reduced amount of sugar to make it than the original recipe stated. I gave her a bit of advice: for every glass of juice, use a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar. So the next day, I came home to find this:

Not only is she is she improving her skills, but she is also being creative!

To make Christine's melon juice, you need:
a large slice of green melon, rind removed
a teaspoon of honey
the juice of half a small lemon
4 tablespoons of water
Blend everything together in a small electric mixer. Serve cold, or with ice cubes. 

The watermelon juice was made with just watermelon blended to form oa drink: "I noticed there was plenty of water in it already, mum, so I didn't add anything else." Super!

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