Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Poor little rich kid (Φτωχοπλουσιόπαιδο)

Over lunch toay, my husband told me what sounded like a served-him-right story, something he saw take place at the airport three days ago, while he was waiting for a fare. But in light of yesterday's tragedy, it simply reminded me that no one is above the law, even in what once seemed to be a lawless state like Greece, which is now starting to look more like a monster.

The driver of the latest model BMW parked his car in a disabled persons' parking space and took out his mobile phone. He did not exit the car, he simply stayed there talking on the phone. A security guard approached him and asked him to remove his car from the parking space.

"Hey, I'm still in the car, mate," was his answer (or thereabouts, because I am translating).

The security guard was taken aback by the driver's arrogance, so he referred the matter to the police patrolling the airport area. An officer then approached the driver and asked him to remove his car from the parking space.

"What's your problem?" was the bright spark's answer. When he was told that he was parked illegally, the driver did a reckless U-turn and skidded the wheels for effect, revving the engine as he drove away to park on the other side of the airport, aay from the arrivals/departure area.

By now, it was obvious that something was ready to give. The police officer could have left the case where it was - after all, the prat had done as he was told, albeit begrudgingly - but there is little doubt that he would also have felt offended by the smart arse's behaviour. So he called his superior and described the case to him, asking him what his next move should be. He was told to arrest the driver.

The last thing my husband remembers is seeing a runty ugly looking young man ("he reminded me of a drug addict") being hoisted out of the car by three burly policemen. It was at this point that he recognised him: the driver of the BMW was the son of one of the town's biggest hotels.

Stories like this serve to remind us that the real crisis in Greece is an identity crisis - the economic crisis simply bought it to the fore.

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