Thursday, 26 September 2013

Camera tricks

My pocket camera broke down, after taking about 10,000 shots in total. It's something I cannot do without. The photos that I take on it do not necessarily reflect great skill, but they often act as a kind of diary for me, a record of what has passed before my eyes.
Watercolours - winter is on its way.
So I went along to the store, which I must admit I am rather fond of. It's big, modern, breezy, it sells all sorts of electronics gear, computers and gadgets, and it also contains a large media section, where you can browse CDs, DVDs and books (the latter are rather over-priced) in both the English and Greek languages. Many of the books are sold in both languages, a very wise move of course - in Crete, especially since it is a tourist area, the English language is used in all sectors, and people's language skills are now good enough to buy and read English books. We also have an ex-pat community and also sells touristy items, so there is something for everyone in there.
Modern emphasis - keeping young.
I wanted to buy pretty much the same camera that I was already using: a Sony Cybershot, which I found selling for 79 euro; theoretically, I would be able to use the old battery pack, with a spare for the just-in-case moments. So I asked the assistant to give me one. Unfortunately, they were out of them, as they were a very popular and well-priced model. The next cheapest Sony was 159 euro - twice the price. I decided to take the plunge. When your camera is your diary, you really cannot wait for a cheaper model to be delivered to you from an online store.
Cartoon effects - child's play.
Our first proper photos were taken last night when I made the first pita for the season: home-made pastry (flour, water, olive oil and salt) filled with crumbled feta cheese, grated (2-month-old, overgrown) zucchini and egg, seasoned salt and pepper. Nothing else was added - that was a very simple pie. My daughter helped me to roll out half the filo sheets.
Black and white - the retro effect.
"What's that amazingly good smell coming from the kitchen?" my son asked, as he came indoors after helping his dad lay some manure over the soil. That kind of observation is hard to capture in a photo.
What you see is what you get - delicious.
You'll just have to take my word for it.

I'm glad I overspent on the new camera - its new features include capturing the mood of the moment.

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