Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Conference food

Right now at my workplace (MAICh), there's a big scientific conference taking place, with speakers from all over the world including the UK, USA ans AUS. It is taking place at our ISO-approved international conference centre. Our chef Yannis Apostolakis is taking care of the meals.

Potato salad with yoghurt sauce, boureki pie (mine was the last piece so it has crumbled), orzo pasta salad with tuna, fancy green salad with pomegranate, white wine, cheesecake and ekmek dessert. These were among some of the offerings at the buffet.
Just like the meals we have at the Institute during the academic year, the conference meals are mainly plant-based, light in taste, they use local ingredients and extra virgin olive oil; above all, they remain transparent - you can see what you are eating. And our guests are loving it: colourful meals based on the Mediterranean Diet.

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