Sunday, 29 September 2013

Palio Arhondiko, Kolimbari (Παλιό Αρχοντικό, Κολυμπάρι)

Remember when the EU decided to ban the use or refillable olive oil dispensers in eateries, and the UK went nuts about it, saying that the EU was meddling in things that did not serve any real purpose, with even UKIP having their say in the matter? Let me jog your memory: click here.

Go on, admit it, this setup looks much better than the first one in the above link. It makes you think about wanting to dine here, doesn't it? 

The difference between the foreground and the background reflects the vision that an entrepreneur has when thinking about the image they want to convey to their guests.

Although this is a seaside restaurant..., 

... its indoor part easily morphs into a cosy indoor space for winter.

We treated our guests to a meal of steamed mussels, 

stuffed cuttlefish,

salad with caramelised hibiscus flower,

saganaki shrimp with feta in tomato sauce,

orzo al dente with shellfish,

and 'drunken' octopus.

It was a meal to remember, not just for the food, but for the Mediterranean company, the lively conversation and the beautiful view of the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

In the backgrgound, you can see the Orthodox Academy located beside a monastery, which I visited at the beginning of summer (click here). Check out Palio Arhondiko on TripAdvisor.

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