Monday, 16 September 2013

Patience (Υπομονή)

No blogging this week, I've promised myself, as this week is going to be a nasty one for most parents and working people (and maybe for high school pupils, unless they are happy about their teachers striking, to gain more time off school), so I've decided not to post anything about it on my blog, in order to refrain from showing my dissent or sounding presumptive. I will do that once the revolution is over or begins to wane, so we can have a more retrospective opinion about the developments of the week (or two or three) that took place.
Keep calm and have a freddo cappuccino with some frothy milk: prices range from 1.50 euro at a canteen to 2.00-2.50 euro at a beachside cafe to 3.30 euro at a sit-down cafe, complete with a κέρασμα of donuts, some ice-cold water and a pretty arrangement of paper napkins.

In the meantime, you can enter the draw for some natural beauty products by leaving a comment on this post in my blog.

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