Wednesday, 30 October 2013

By a long drop (Η κάτω βόλτα)

A friend recently emailed me a photo showing a place we visited together.
The Kallergi mountain refuge hanging over Samaria gorge:
Discovering new places in your own area can be very exciting. There are many nooks and crannies in Hania that are completely undiscovered as they are practically unknown to most people, and even if they are accessible, they are not really that easy to visit. My most recent hideaway discovery was made when we travelled 1686m up the mountain range that sits in the middle of the Hania prefecture.

My favorite photos from this high altitude; my homeplace feels so big because if you want to cross it, you need to go up and down the highlands, to get across from one side of the island to the other. If it were flat, it would not be such an exciting place.

While we were up high in the mountains of Crete, exploring the landscape, we came across an interesting toilet. Well, we found it interesting because it was located on a height of 1680m above sea level, and it had one of the most breath-taking views we have ever seen from a toilet window. And it didn't even smell.

WC TOILET ΧΕΣΤΡΑ (the last one means 'shit place' in Greek)

This special toilet - by a 'long drop', I'd say - has a view to the Libyan Sea on a clear day...

... and just in case anyone forgets what can go down the hole...

... the instructions make it quite clear:

ΜΟΝΟ ΧΕΣΙΜΟ = just shit

I have been to other weird and wonderful toilets in my life, but I think this one tops them off. If you are in Hania, and would like to see this unusual toilet, but can't quite make the 1989m altitude journey, you can try the toilet at Iguana beach in the Ayious Apostolous area: it's equally intriguing, albeit in quite a different way.

The following two toilets also get good marks for thier unique decoration, but I am not sure if they are still in use: the following photo is about 5 years old, taken at the KIPOS cafe which had a nice toilet theme a few years ago (I wonder if it has maintained it):
kipos cafe hania chania
... while the Chinese restaurant on Halidon St had a pretty oriental theme in June when I last visited (but it seems to be closed at the moment).

Times change. But life goes on...

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