Saturday, 12 October 2013

Crisis food

I got the supermarket early enough before the peak hour, which is how I managed to get hold of some πλατάρια - chickens' ribcages and necks.

In the pre-crisis days, when a butcher/supermarket boned various cuts of meat (which are usually sold in styrofoam trays and wrapped in plastic), this part of the animal was usually thrown away. When I bought meat, I would ask for 'some scraps' (this the kind of thing I used ot be given) so I could cook them up for my pets with some pasta or rice.

Since the crisis, these scraps are no longer thrown away - they are sold. They are popular (I can only find some when I am in the supermarket early enough). Not everyone uses them for their pets - they are seen in the same light as fresh food good enough to eat. They were selling at €1.57/kg - I bought 4, which works out to about 25 cents each.

When I bought them, the assistant asked me if I was going to turn them into soup. Greece is not really a soup culture (and it's 30 degrees Celsius today), but it is not unusual to find interesting vegetable-based soups which use meat stock on the menus of modern-style casual eateries these days, so I guess this will be a category which we could describe as 'watch this space'.

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