Thursday, 17 October 2013

Discounted items

When the kids go on school trips, I buy them packaged food because it's easy to carry.

This is the closest we get to expired food sold in supermarkets: food that is close to its sell by date is sold on discount. These items had an end-of-October 2013 expiry date, so they have been discounted. Once they are past their expiry date, they won't be seen on the shelves if they are not sold before that date.

Our cultural perceptions influence our food choices: selling 'expired' food is still considered taboo in Greece. But in the above two cases, it is highly unlikely that anything worse will happen to you if you decide to eat these particular food items after their expiry date, than what could happen to you if you ate them in their pre-expired date.

I bought out the store's stock in these two items (6 crisps and 4 oreos), thinking that I would mete them out one by one when needed over the next few months. Alas, my stock was discovered - last time I checked the cupboards, I found one more packet of each.

"I'm keeping track, you know," I reminded the guilty parties...

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