Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mantinada (Μαντινάδα)

Spotted this yesterday while in the town:

It roughly translates to:

Even if there's a crisis,
don't cut out the fish.
Tzinevrakis has solutiions
for every kind of dish.

Tzinevrakis is the name of the owner of a frozen-food store. Most old businesses in the town are known by the name of the owner, not the name of the store. Most people know the businesses in question just by the name of the owner (or the original owner), but I still find this confusing, despite living here so long. If I were giving someone directions, I'd say 'the store that sells frozen food', not 'Tzinevrakis', and if they still didin't understand, I'd say 'it's next door to a bank', or something like that. The name would escape me completely.

In this little town, it still matters who you are, and not so much what you do.

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