Thursday, 10 October 2013

New car

Goodbye Hyundai Snr...

 ... Hello Hyundai Jnr.
The old car lasted over 14 years, and it was still going quite strong albeit some old-age problems when we pounced on a good discount on the new car. If it lasts us as long as the previous car, I predict that I won't need to buy a new car until I'm 62. By that time, there won't be any kids at home, so husband and I (provided we have our health) can buy a little car to use for the supermarket, or the odd occassion when the completely online connected world demands our presence in the town which we already avoid if we can do so.

No kids at home and you're Greek? you may be wondering. Oh yes, Greece will be a completely different country by then. Watch this space.

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