Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sweets (Γλυκά)

Sweets from the zaharoplasteio are a very common gift when visiting friends. This is the main reason I don't make many desserts for my dinner parties: I know that we will end up with too many sweets in the house.

Galaktoboureko (custard pie) is a traditional Greek favorite, along with baklavadakia or saragli, which are mini baklava-style baked pastry shapes; both of them are syrup-drenched, made with very thin sheets of filo pastry.

The chocolate torte was filled with cream and hardly any sponge cake. It was the most popular dessert, which means that there isn't much left of it today. Leftover galaktoboureko makes a great breakfast, and the mini-pastries are good as an after-dinner dessert, especially since they had the added twist of being made with chocolate-flavoured filo pastry.

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