Wednesday, 6 November 2013

BOGOFs (2 + 2 δώρο)

Buy 2 packets of pasta, get 2 packets free, the special read above a supermarket shelf. Not the standard buy-1-get-1-free special, but pretty good nevertheless. No point refusing; pasta is one of those ingredients that rarely goes off past its expiry date, and it is very versatile. So I bought some spaghetti and some orzo rice (not all pasta shapes were on sale), which are both favorites in our house.
8x500g pasta = €0.55x4 = €2.20 for 4kg of 100% Greek pasta.
After picking out the few bits and pieces that I needed, I went to one of the cashiers to pay for them. I was surprised to see the owner of the mini-market in my neighburhood waiting in the queue. There is another branch of the same supermarket closer to his shop, but I suppose he feesl a bit embarrassed going there because it's a much smaller branch, and he would be buying out most fo the supermarket's stock of basic goods: I noticed he had filled up at least 4 supermarket trolleys worth of products, most of which were of the 'bogof' type - there were quite a few packets of pasta in one of the trolleys. The pasta was not packaged together with the classic warning about the product being sold as one item and each packet may not be sold separately.

The mini-market owner was buying supermarket stock on special, probably selling each item at the regular price, and making a 50% profit without any hidden expenses apart from fuel. The specials are distributed by brochure on a regular basis, so he knows when they are on. I only shop from mini-markets when I desperately need a product and the supermarket is not open, or when I want to pick up the local paper (if I were a smoker, I suppose I would use them more often). Otherwise, I always feel as though I am being ripped off in such places.

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