Friday, 22 November 2013

Smoke (Καπνός)

At first sight, this photo is unremarkable. It has been taken from the balcony of a house on a rather wet day, and shows part of the urban sprawl in the horizon.

Take a better look, and you can see the wood smoke rising from the chimneys of the houses in the distance. Although the weather has not yet reached freezing levels, it was cold enough to turn on some heating, whether that means you push a button or light a fire. A few puffs can be seen here and there in some of the hilly rural areas, with a greater concentration of smoke above the denser housing areas.
We've invested in a new set of cheap light fleece blankets to drape ourselves with while watching television and we (ourselves) laid some good quality insulation on the roof during the summer. This has proved a boon for keeping the heat out in the summer as well as removing the feeling of rising damp in the winter. We haven't started using our wood fire yet, but the weather is now getting quite chilly in the evenings, so it's a case of putting off the inevitable for as long as we can. 


Yesterday was a local public holiday in Hania (in honour of the region's patron, the Trimartiri church, which honours the Presentation of the Virgin Mary), which meant people were at home during the day, which explains the high levels of visible smoke during the day time hours, when the temperature fell quite suddenly, after a sunny warm spell in the morning. 

Bonus photo:
More smoky hills this morning, but this time, not from wood burning - there was a severe rainstorm last night with thunder and lightning, and then we wake up to warmish weather, the sun peeking through the clouds, and the rising damp evaporating as the morning sets in...

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