Wednesday, 13 November 2013

You could be anywhere

Chocolate flakes, grated coconut and vanilla pods from Madagascar,
Ground hazelnuts, sliced blanched almonds and vanilla-flavoured sugar,
Apple-cinammon mini-pizzas, coloured Christmas cookies and vials of 'baking flavourings'
(at €1.99, a 20-pack of vials is cheaper than buying real lemons, oranges and rum)
Cranberries, plum halves, pitted cherries and sugar strands, all complete with paper cake doilies,
And don't forget the lebkuchem, speculoos, marzipan, pandoro and Advent calendar.
Be in quick because they go so fast - how can Christmas in Crete be complete without them?

LIDL delivers its leaflets to households every weekend. LIDL has done much more than any other institute/organisation in terms of the promotion of German cuisine. Angela, you need to tell the troika to carry more cookies in their briefcases whenever they have meetings in Greece.

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